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Reconnect to yourself through

outdoor coaching & Nature connection

people walking * mind spa days * events

‘I am a People Walker.

I walk by your side through nature

& inspire you to reflect on your true purpose

so you can shine your light’


I want you to know I see you.

I know you feel tired and burned out and that you feel as though you have lost your sparkle. I see in your eyes that you’ve lost touch with the carefree woman you used to be. You are amazing, juggling so many responsibilities and staying on top of it all. I know you find it hard to switch off from your mind and feel weighed down by all the demands life now throws at you. I know that in the quiet moments you long to feel free and just let go of it all for a while and just be you. You find yourself thinking about how you’d like things to be different but feel powerless to make that change.

You’re here because you need someone to reach out to you and I feel I could be that person. I know that there is still a light within you and I want to help you shine it brightly. I want to help because I have felt all those feelings too. Lost, tired, angry, resentful and grieving the person I used to be.

Let me take you on a journey of reconnection, to yourself, to your purpose and to our beautiful planet. Let me walk alongside you and inspire you to step into the brightest version of yourself with a combination of coaching, mindfulness and nature connection work.

Lets walk about it xx



My coaching style approaches mind, body and soul as a whole to enable greater self-awareness and create a more balanced and fulfilled life.


The Energy Shed is a haven of serenity nestled at the bottom of my garden in Edenbridge, Kent and people come here to align their energy with the various treatments and work I offer.


Some people hire a dog walker. I am a people walker. I offer walking and talking coaching sessions out in Nature to support people moving through powerful transformation.

The Mind Spa

A powerful spa-like treatment for those wishing to delve deeper into self care and well-being, and want to give their minds a turn at being pampered, whilst still energising body and soul.


Walks and Retreats

I create inspiring wellness experiences for women to reconnect to themselves and radiate their light. My walks and retreats provide an opportunity to tend to your sense of self and fan your flame of personal power.



I really didn’t know what to do next, life was overwhelming, decisions impossible, tears just flowed... Tansy not only guided me around the beautiful woods of Chartwell she guided me on an amazing journey, giving me tools and helping me focus on the important things, I have started to discover my true self. I am so happy... I couldn’t say that before.
— Michelle J – Surrey
Tansy was able to help me identify the areas in my life that I wanted to focus on and gave me some really excellent tools and techniques to find a better life and work balance and to set life goals with real structure behind them.
— A. Farr – Actress/Teacher/Trainer
Because of Tansy’s sessions I began to believe in myself which made me feel more confident and has inspired me to be more proactive. I have learned personal things about myself and feel the sessions made me think about my life as a whole
— G.Grueber – Business Owner
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