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Dare I say it…Spring is finally here?

As I sit writing this, the birds are chirping away outside and 2 squirrels are jumping around the garden. Is it safe to say Spring is coming yet?? Just a few weeks ago I saw a pretty snow drop in full bloom by the stream and declared Spring’s arrival all over social media only to be faced with a week of deep winter snow and icy temperatures …..Winter was clearly not ready to budge.

Now only 1 week away from the official start of Spring, I’m noticing in my own actions and thoughts, a sense of new beginnings and revival of energy. Like many people I always take time over Christmas to reflect on the past year and consider the year ahead and set myself some goals and life areas to focus on.

It’s only natural then that Spring is a time to review, to clear out, to refresh and refocus. Change is the only constant thing and goals can change at any time (and that is fine by the way) so taking an opportunity to review progress and assess the direction you are moving in is vital to maintain motivation and stay on a path of growth.

Nature is our greatest teacher…
Spring time in nature is so incredibly symbolic to this process. We trim plants back in the garden to make way for new growth and plant new seeds that will begin to develop shoots, buds and eventually burst open with colourful flowers. Trees that have stood cold and bare through winter begin to form new leaves and wild animals who have been hibernating come out into the light to begin foraging once again.

In Human nature we instinctively feel the need to ‘Spring Clean’ our external lives with house clearing and cleaning and DIY projects. The increased amount of day light gives us a ‘Spring’ in our step that provides more motivation to get out and get things done.

So this year, try Spring Cleaning  your internal life and clear out the mental clutter that is holding you back and take time to consider new projects that will ‘Spring’ you onto new heights (ok enough Spring terms…you get it).

Ask yourself these simple reflective questions and note down any key observations or insights.

1. How many goals or new year’s resolutions am I holding onto that in fact aren’t right for me or had the wrong approach?
Sometimes it’s hard to give up on a goal because we feel like we have failed, but try shifting the perspective on it a little. OK it hasn’t worked out but what have you learned that you didn’t know before? What would you do differently if you went back and started again? If you hadn’t tried it in the first place you would never know, so be proud that you had the courage to set a goal and be confident that you can try again with something different.  If the goal needs to change or alter so be it!

2. What is going right for me and how can I enhance that pathway in my life even further?
Celebrate what is going well…milk it in fact! Too often we continually strive forwards with our eyes on the destination without appreciating the steps we are taking along the way. What are you doing well? How can you nurture it further? Play to your strengths and your passions and you will blossom even further.

3. What new projects or goals am I ready to take on?
Spring is the time for new beginnings so it’s a natural time to set new goals and positive intentions. It can be tough to stay motivated through the dark cold winter months so see it as a time to step into the light and begin to shine again.

4. What serves me and what doesn’t?
Have you allowed any negative thinking patterns to creep into your daily thoughts? Do they serve any positive purpose? No? Then shift them out and replace them with thoughts or activities that do serve you and nourish you in positive ways. If we could physically see the affects that negative thinking, jealousy or complaining do to our energy levels it would be so much easier to cut them out of our lives.

What beliefs do you have about yourself that do not serve you? I constantly hear myself saying I’m unorganised to people. OK there is some truth in it but constantly announcing it perpetuates a negative belief about myself and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. Who cares how organised I am…I get Sh*t done!

5. What have I forgotten about and what do I need to embrace.
It’s easy to get swept up in the busy-ness of a new year and all the plans that go with it. We start out with goals and intentions to try something new, start a new project or health regime and sometimes we neglect the simple things that brought us joy in its simplest form. Have you been allowing yourself time for you to be quiet and connect in with your inner self? Is she craving something that has been pushed aside. Think back to the last activity you did that was relaxing and nourishing…how long ago was it?

What have you cleaned up?
I would love to know what you discovered through these questions and how they have shaped your next steps forward.

Spring Equinox ~ Mini-Retreat

If you are feeling a deeper call to Spring Clean your mind body and soul then come and hide away with me on my mini-retreat where we will celebrate the arrival of Spring and reflect on some of the themes above as I guide you through meditation and visualisation exercises and take time to consider your energy levels and alignment. This day gives you precious time away from it all to really relax, let go and feel refreshed and ready for the Spring/Summer months ahead.

This blissful 5 hours away from it all will finish with a beautiful sound bath meditation where you simply lie down and relax and allow perfectly pitched sounds to soothe and heal your body and mind. It is a incredible experience.

Beth Cook