#musictostiryoursoul Here and Now ~ Emily Elbert

This exquisite song is a wonderful ode to self love and finding joy and love in the present moment. A topic that comes up for pretty much all my clients and Emily Robert's soft voice and self nurturing lyrics are a sweet reminder to come back to ourselves with kindness and break down the barriers we create and fool ourselves into believing are for protection.

It's just beautiful and one to play at the end of a difficult day to remind yourself you are enough 


In the dark
I formed a tight grip on my heart
I had gotten used to false starts
Had learned to hide from love

Now, sweet release
Soft reminders to breathe deep
Let the light in, tend the seeds
And soak my soul in love
Root down and grow in love

And oh, I'd forgotten what it was
To let go, to let the walls come down
After all this time spent out there searching for my home
I've found it in the here and now

Rapt in awe
Fireside in the backyard
Search the source, sing to the stars
Inside the mystery of love

Heart in hands
Pilgrimage to desert sands
Pray to the Gods, pray to the land
Each step a deepening in trust
That all we are is enough

Music, HomeTansy Dowman