E-Motions = Energy in Motion



Emotions are Energy-in-Motion. They are meant to flow through us and be expressed. Not just the joyful, excited, loving ones. The angry, insecure and despairing ones too.

Yet we suppress those negative ones for fear of being labelled or being judged. For fear that we may seem weak or not in control or a burden to others.

So we let them build up inside and just keep pushing them down, hiding them and denying they are there to anyone else except ourselves in those quiet moments. For many, those suppressed emotions manifest in illness, depression or physical pain because unlike our minds, the body does not lie.

If we can become bigger than the emotions themselves we can allow them to be expressed and flow through us knowing that however difficult they are they will come to pass. This builds our resilience and courage to weather the storms.

Recently I have challenged myself more and more to just BE with my emotions. Not run and hide but feel the sadness or stress or anxiety and try to view it as an observer rather than a participant. It doesn't happen all the time and I get sucked up by it plenty of times. (I've been suffering from good old mum anxiety and guilt lately as my kids have been so unsettled living in temporary accommodation), but when I give space to my emotions and allow them to flow, there is an overriding feeling of acceptance and empowerment as I understand my emotions do not control me. Like everything they are transient and ever changing so in that moment they should be set free rather than imprisoned.

I took this photo of myself ages ago but always felt fear around posting it. Today I observed the fear and did it anyway because movement of the body is movement of energy and in my opinion is one of the best ways to free yourself from it all.