My Personal Experience of Mindfulness Walking


Yesterday I booked myself onto a 3hr mindful walk as a participant and joined 3 other women whom I'd never met before to roam the Sussex countryside. Allowing myself to be guided this time just reinforced the incredible power of this activity.

As the wind howled around our ears and the trees swayed I felt like I'd been scooped up by Mother Nature and could sense my sympathetic nervous system completely slow down and let go.

On the journey we walked silently and also chatted, reflected and opened up about the things that hold us back.

We were going to write a note of what we wanted to let go of and burn it but the wind was so strong so someone suggested we write it on a leaf and literally let nature carry it away from us.

I left feeling immense gratitude, hugely present and my heart full up.

I will be holding my own monthly mindfulness walks from November 2019.

To check dates and book go to my events calendar