How to Re-Wire The Brain for Self Love


Repeat after me.... I completely love and accept myself πŸ’›

How does that feel? 
Awkward? Silly? False even??

Yep I get it. When I started using this affirmation I felt A LOT of resistance to it, but then I softened into it and asked myself...How would it FEEL to completely love and accept myself?

As soon as we as ask ourselves these open type of questions, the brain and mind automatically get to work on providing and visualising an answer. This allows you to connect to an elevated feeling and emotion which then strengthens your intention.

So can you for a moment let go of any labels or negative self talk and give yourself permission to begin creating a new belief about yourself. How would it feel if you completely loved and accepted yourself??

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and say it again and this time connect with the words and the meaning. .
Now repeat, repeat, repeat ❀❀❀