Thinking on Your Feet - How walking enhances your personal growth journey

As a ‘Walk and Talk’ Life Coach the term ‘thinking on your feet’ means so much more to me than just making quick decisions or being able to fire fight in situations. Thinking on your feet to me is a very powerful process and I have witnessed first hand the amazing transformation that people go through when they give physical motion to their ideas and plans and include their body in the thought process.

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The Practice of Shinrin-Yoku ~ Wonderful well-being for you and the planet

If you have ever taken a walk in Nature and felt all the better for it, then Science is finally able to prove exactly why that is. And believe me, once you know the science behind it, that simple walk will become an even more uplifting and enriching experience.

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The Gift of Inspiration - How a Humble Signpost was Mine.

Inspiration comes to us in many forms. Sometimes we knowingly seek things out to receive its blessing and sometimes it appears like a wonderful and unexpected offering that reaches into your soul and calls you to create.

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The Multitudinous Benefits of Mindfulness Walking in Nature
My Personal Experience of Mindfulness Walking
When Talking on a Mindfulness Walk is Beneficial