When Talking on a Mindfulness Walk is Beneficial


Talking on a mindfulness walk???……Yes!!

Active listening is a wonderful practise but is incredibly rare in today's hyper active and distracted world.

Active listening is listening without input. No preparing what you are going to say, no comparing a person's experience to your own. Just listening as another person speaks. Listening to the words, listening to tone and  emotion and visualising what you are being told without judgement or opinion.

Do you know how good it feels to be heard in this way?? To know that you can speak fully without unecessary interruption.
And if you are the listener, how wonderful to switch off your need to have input and get lost in another person's story. Being present and connected at the same time.

That was just one of yesterday's 
exercises along with meditation walking, visualisation and reflective practise that all came together to create a walk of purpose and passion all nurtured by Mother Earth 💚💚💚
Thank you from my 💚 @tenofzen for allowing me to be a part of this precious weekend.

(Image taken at the September 2018 Ten of Zen retreat for Mum’s. For further details on upcoming events and retreats visit www.10ofzen.com)