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One to One Coaching

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Coaching is a journey

Let me walk alongside you for a while and allow me to understand life through your eyes so I can support you to find a way forward that is right for you. Every client I work with has a unique story and purpose but I imagine them all standing on one side of a bridge wishing to get to the other side and at the same time enjoy the beautiful new landscape as they take those empowered and courageous steps in a new direction.

Taking those first few steps can feel daunting, heavy and unstable. The path to a new way of being can seem long and challenging and yet the minute you take one step in that direction you begin to feel a little lighter. Soon enough you step fully into your light and realise there is no going back. The path illuminates and you feel grounded, supported and full of possibility.

I understand personal growth is both exciting and scary. It takes us out of our comfort zone and challenges us to face the things we are unsatisfied with. That is why I love to support women on that journey and hold space for them to explore, grow and feel empowered at the same time. I support women in all areas of their life from career change or growth, personal identity, confidence, work/life balance, stress and anxiety, emotional health and relationships.

My style of coaching encompasses many tools that I have gained through work and life experience as a Life Coach, Corporate Manager, Reiki Practitioner, Dancer and Mum and I offer coaching sessions over Skype/Whatsapp or in person from my studio In Edenbridge, Kent (UK).

What to expect

My personal vision is that each of my clients lives in their own truth and steps out of their comfort zone to discover their potential and ultimately be proud of the life they lead.

Phase 1 : Unearth

During the first part of our relationship, we will uncover who you are as an individual, your purpose, passions and the ways you hold yourself back. With this clarity, you will start to let go of your limitations and fears as you learn how to manage them.

Phase 2 : Plant seeds

You will step into your power and start to see the possibilities for your life to open up from a grounded and inspired space.  

Phase 3 : Flourish and Shine

You will gain greater empowerment from a higher level of self-awareness and expansiveness in your thinking. You will be living in abundance and you will have freedom in your thinking and the choices you make.



I always offer a 30 minute discovery call free of charge to understand the journey you wish to embark on and see how I can support you to move forwards.

Skype/Whatsapp sessions are £50.00 per hour – Minimum 6 sessions

Studio sessions are £75.00 per hour* – Minimum 6 sessions

*Should you wish me to travel to a location close to you for walk and talk sessions then additional travel costs may apply