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The Energy Shed

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The Energy Shed is a haven of serenity nestled at the bottom of my garden in Edenbridge, Kent and people come here to align their energy with the various treatments and work I offer.


The mind spa

This is my signature creation – A powerful breakthrough treatment for those wishing to delve deeper into self care and give their minds an opportunity to be pampered, whilst still energising body and soul. This unique 2 hour treatment includes a combination of guided meditation, energy healing, a walk and talk coaching session, essential oils and nature therapy. 

2 HR SESSION – £150.00

2.5 HR SESSION – £180.00

The Mind Spa can be a bespoke experience for 1 person or a group (4 max). Contact me for further details.



The wonderful practice of Reiki works with the body’s energy to create balance and harmony in mind, body and soul. The word Reiki simply means Universal (Rei) Energy (ki) and this energy is channelled through the therapists hands to the client to create a healing experience that is both peaceful and relaxing. The feeling of inner peace it provides has a very positive effect on the immune system and activates the body’s natural ability to begin healing itself.

1st Reiki Session – £75.00 (Session is 1.5 hr and includes full health & lifestyle consultation)

Sessions thereafter – £60.00

Block book 3 sessions – £150.00


One to One Coaching

The Energy shed is a wonderfully peaceful and calming space for you to retreat to, to work on your own personal development journey. I offer 1 to 1 coaching from here for you to work on any area of your life that you wish to flourish in.

Face to Face Coaching PrograM – £450

  • 6 x 1 hour face to face coaching sessions

  • On-the-spot coaching calls between sessions

  • Option to have some sessions as people walking sessions if you would like to walk and talk

Skype Coaching Program – £300

  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions over Skype or WhatsApp

  • On-the-spot coaching calls about anything between sessions – a maximum of 10 minutes

This was my first experience of Reiki so I had no idea what to expect. Tansy welcomed me into her home and we walked through to her beautiful little garden room, full of charm with a relaxing aura and gorgeous aroma of essential oils. Tansy has such a naturally positive energy and friendly personality, I felt immediately at ease. After a little chat about the treatment, health and intentions, I laid down on her treatment bed and snuggled under a soft blanket. The room filled with the most relaxing music, with sun shining through the window and the birds singing outside, I was transported to a happy place. The whole experience was one of relaxation, enveloping warmth and light. What a wonderful experience!
Thank you Tansy x
— Claire D - Kent