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Essential Oils


The beauty of Essential Oils

Essential oils are sometimes called 'The Soul of a Plant' and are highly concentrated aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants. These delicate essences are like precious jewels of nature and are the life force of the plant.

Our ancestors used plants and herbs for medicinal remedies for thousands of years. There are no wasted efforts in nature so utilising plants for our health and well-being is both natural and safe. Today people all over the world continue this practice and the benefits are endless.

My why

I have been dabbling with essential oils for several years now but since studying Reiki and the energetic body my interest and understanding of them has soared. Essential oils have huge energetic benefits and are quite frankly one of the cheapest ways to create an energy shift and achieve a better sense of well being. Our sense of smell has the quickest link to our limbic brain, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories so inhaling these beautiful aromas can bring balance, peace and relaxation. They allow us to access positive memories and thoughts and let go of negative emotions and stress.

My love of nature overflows into my work. I use nature therapy in my workshops and retreats, taking clients forest bathing or on meditation walks. Knowing that I utilise the nature around me for my physical and mental health gives me a wonderful sense of empowerment.

I incorporate essential oils with my Coaching and Reiki work and hold Essential oil consultations for anyone wishing to run a lifestyle check and see how oils could support them. I also love holding essential oil workshops and private classes for groups that wish to host a party or educational event and learn something valuable and empowering.


Why dōTerra

I work with dōTerra essential oils because their ethos resonates deeply with me and their products are the best I have ever used. Each dōTerra essential oil is carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. While there is a science to the distillation of essential oils, it is also an art. Distillers not only rely on years of experience, they also employ modern technologies and techniques. 

If you are interested to learn more about dōTerra or browse the products and make purchases you can contact me or go straight to my doTerra web page to place an order.