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The Monthly Mindfulness Trail - May

  • Staffhurst Woods Dwelly Lane Edenbridge, Kent United Kingdom (map)
The Mindfulness Trail
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Mindfulness Walking in Nature

Turn off your technology, put the demands of your life on hold, step out from the 4 walls that surround you and come walk with me a while….

The Mindfulness Trail is a monthly mindfulness walk that I lead from various locations in and around Edenbridge.

Each month will embrace a different topic, allowing us to reflect on the different areas of our lives to see where there is room for more growth and openess. All supported with mindfulness exercises and a wonderful walk that will be uplifting, moving, inspiring and fun!

In May we will look at the topic of relationship. The relationships we have with others, ourselves and our environment. All 3 of these relationships are integral to our health and well-being. If we have an un-healthy relationship with ourselves it can make it incredibly difficult to find flow in relationships with others. Our relationship to our environment also has a huge impact on the way we think, act and feel . It is wonderfully valuable to be intentional about where we spend our time and purposefully draw ourselves away from stressful environments and step into a natural spaces of peace and tranquility.

Mindfulness Walking in Nature

Practicing mindfulness in Nature allows you to connect more deeply with your true self. We are part of the natural world and yet we have separated ourselves from it in so many ways.

Consciously walking through Nature has a multitude of benefits. Scientists have proven that being surrounded by Nature improves physical and mental health so practicing mindfulness in Nature creates a wonderful slowing down, an awareness of the present moment and allows time for quality reflection and purposeful questioning as we move through different terrains and quite literally enjoy life's journey.

Meet at Dwelly Lane Car Park, Staffhurst Woods on Dwelly Lane. Come dressed appropriately for the weather (only torrential rain will stop the walk from going ahead) and please ensure you have sensible, supportive footwear. The walk will be a gentle walk with stops along the way for mindfulness and breathing exercises plus a hot drink half way round.

Photo Credit: Little Olives Photography