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I am a Certified, Personal Development Coach, trained by the internationally recognised The Coaching Academy, one of the few coach training schools to be accredited by the International Coaches Federation (ICF). I have been training and working as an independent coach for five years but my coaching experience spans almost 12 years. I experienced success with coaching strategies first hand in my previous career as a Senior Events Manager. It was here I realised my true passion was in seeing others grow and develop and step into their visions.


My own journey of healing led me to pursue new training in Reiki Energy Healing and am certified Usui Reiki practitioner, trained by Reiki-Light, who are accredited by The Reiki Federation. Reiki has opened my eyes and heart to the incredible energy of the Universe and has become the backbone of so much of my work and teachings. I love how science is catching up with spirituality and proving that all these ancient practices do work.


My journey with Dance started as a child and continued through my adult life. I studied dance at University and achieved a BA Hons in Dance Performance at Middlesex University. Now movement shows up in my work in different ways as I work on the mind/body connection and use movement in my people walking sessions.

Essential Oils

I have been working with Essential Oils for a long time and incorporate them into most of my work. I recently discovered doTerra Essential Oils and became a Wellness advocate because they are the purest oils I have ever worked with and the company ethos resonates with me very deeply.