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I am a Certified, Personal Development Coach, trained by the internationally recognised The Coaching Academy, one of the few coach training schools to be accredited by the International Coaches Federation (ICF). I have been training and working as an independent coach for five years but my coaching experience spans almost 12 years. I experienced success with coaching strategies first hand in my previous career as a Senior Events Manager. It was here I realised my true passion was in seeing others grow and develop and step into their visions.

nature connection

I grew up in a tiny village so my passion for Nature has been imprinted on me from a young age. It wasn't until I went through some darker times of my own that I began to realise the healing power of Nature. I began to β€˜walk myself’ to overcome feelings of anxiety, depression and disconnection. I found myself sitting quietly practising mindfulness as I paid close attention to my surroundings and felt a sense of calm and connection to myself and the Nature around me. This profound discovery has led me to train in Natural Mindfulness and Forest Bathing and I am a qualified practitioner guide in both practices.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are all part of my Nature Connection work and are a way of bringing that connection and healing into your home and life away from green space. I have been working with Essential Oils for a long time and love sharing my knowledge of them and incorporating them into my work.


My journey with Dance started as a child and continued through my adult life. I studied dance at University and achieved a BA Hons in Dance Performance at Middlesex University. Now movement shows up in my work in different ways as I work on the mind/body connection and use walking movement in my people walking sessions.