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Bespoke Mind Spa Days


An Alternative Spa Day

You love a Spa day (doesn’t everybody??) whether you take them on your own or with your best girls, its something you love to book in to rest, recharge, feel uplifted with laughter and get some valuable time out to invest in yoursef or your friendships.

Variety is the spice of life

You’re looking for something different. A day out to relax and reconnect combined with purposeful thought, creativity and some powerful intention setting.

Introducing Bespoke Mind Spa Days

A bespoke Mind Spa day is an experience that is tailor made to suit your desires. From a fun, uplifting day of personal expansion filled with creativity, intention and lots of giggles, to a deeply relaxing day of meditation, forest bathing, reflective questions and journaling. You can chose from my menu of options and I can guide you to create an experience that feels alighned to you. All Mind spa days involve some kind of outdoor nature connection work and can be combined with other activities that take place at my studio the energy shed.

Menu of options to choose from:

  • Mindfulness walk

  • Forest Bathing

  • Visualisation Walk

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • Guided Meditation

  • Reflective Journaling

  • Essential Oil Workshop

  • Yoga Nidra Relaxation Technique

example of a mind spa day

  • You will be greeted at my studio with a refreshment to begin a 15 minute consultation on health, lifestyle and current emotions and uncover where the mind is focused.

  • You will then take a moment to connect in with an essential oil that will be used during the session both aromatically and topically if appropriate.

  • A 10 minute guided and supportive meditation will allow you to step into the present moment and begin to calm the mind.

  • We will then step out into the countryside for a 45 minute energising ‘walk and talk’ session where you will have the opportunity to talk through a life area of your choice. As a qualified Life coach I will listen and ask exploratory questions to help you work through the topic in a more focused and productive way. Walking and talking is proven as a great technique to de-clutter the mind as you get out of your head space and more into your body. Thoughts can flow more freely as the blood pumps around the body faster promoting creative thinking, deeper breathing and a sense that you and your ideas are already in motion. Being surrounded by nature is also incredibly beneficial for your health and well-being and I incorporate mindfulness exercises along the way that encourage you to remain in the present moment.

  • Returning back to my studio you will have the opportunity to note down any ideas, reflections or inspirations that arose during the walk and perhaps set some intentions to take forward.

  • The treatment will then end with a wonderful 30 minute energy healing session to completely relax body, mind and soul. Focusing mainly on the Chakras and using my experience as a qualified Usui Reiki practitioner, this treatment both calms the mind whist awakening the bodies energy in a restorative and rejuvenating way.


£100 per hour for up to 6 hours and for maximum OF 4 women.

A wonderful Vision board and mindfulness workshop with my daughters. Spending a whole morning with my daughters exploring nature to prepare for a vision workshop was the highlight of my year. It is self exploratory but also a precious amount of time spent with my girls made it so memorable. Tansy is one in a million, truly. She is so natural and makes every moment special. Thank you Tansy
— Sheila C - Guildford
My mum, sister and I had an absolutely wonderful day with Tansy - a guided walk helped us slow down from London life and breathe it all in before heading back for meditation in the gorgeous energy shed. A series of thought provoking questions through the day helped us understand ourselves and each other, and what really, truly matters to us. We finished with the most fun and eye opening vision workshop - with lots of giggles too! Thank you Tansy for a day we will never forget.
— Ciara S - London
Visualisation Nature Walk

Visualisation Nature Walk

Private Vision Board Workshop

Private Vision Board Workshop

Creating beautiful memories

Creating beautiful memories