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One day immersive

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One Day. Your Day…

JUST LAUNCHED! A one-to-one immersive one day coaching and nature connection program. 6 powerful hours of coaching, mindfulness, nature therapy and strong intention setting.

If you had One Day what would yours be about?

Perhaps you need a day out of your usual routine to focus on yourself and come back into alignment. You're feeling uninspired. Stuck in the same way of thinking. You need a shake up to access your innate creativity. You need a day to mentally get back on track by embodying the sense of a journey and taking bold physical steps towards fresh outcomes.

Or Maybe you want to begin a new journey but life keeps getting in the way so you need a powerful jump start to get you moving forwards. You want the opportunity to voice your ideas and see if they are in alignment with who you are. You want to put things into order a little, get clear on your first steps so you can take confident action from a strong starting point.

Whatever your day is about, this program gives you the time out you need to invest some much needed energy and focus on yourself. You can think of it like a private mini retreat because you will come away relaxed, yet uplifted and FULL of purpose and intention.

Why this program is for you…

You love the idea of outdoor walk and talk coaching but would struggle to commit to the 3 month program or live too far away to attend bi-weekly sessions.

You are lit up by the idea of creating space for yourself, to think productively and purposefully and express yourself freely, whilst at the same time implementing some self care to focus on yourself for a change. You are excited by the thought of getting outside in Nature, away from the demands of home to take deep breaths in the fresh air and widen your perspective to find new ways of thinking and seeing.

You like doing things differently. Sure, you could find an online course or continue to work it out on your own, but you love to experience new things and get a buzz out of challenging yourself in different ways. You know there is more out there for you and that you wont find it at home staring at a screen. You want to go on a journey and you want to  embody the feeling of moving forwards in your life.

If any of this is resonating with you, then I have created this powerful 1 day immersive coaching program for you. You need a wing woman, someone to take some of those steps by your side and on your side. You want to feel seen and heard and share the challenges and the triumphs. You want some accountability and you want to get your feet back in motion walking the path that feels fulfilling to you.

What to expect

Let me walk by your side…

Whatever stage you are at in your business or personal growth journey, this powerful day of coaching and well-being work will get you back in flow with your life and will inspire you to keep stepping into the brightest version of yourself. Thinking on your feet is a powerful process that is scientifically proven to improve your focus, elevate your mood and boost your creativity. Emotions and thoughts flow more freely and you are able to connect in with your voice of intuition to make clear, awakened decisions and regain a sense of compassion and zest for the life you lead.

This 6 hour mini retreat program will include an energizing walk and talk coaching session, mindfulness exercises. Identity work, reflective exercises and powerful visualization work and intention setting. The majority of the work will take place outside with a break indoors for lunch and journaling/note taking/intention setting. The pace of the outdoor work will vary from energized and paced to slow and relaxed, creating a powerful mind/body connection.


(Note: The date of the booking can be anytime between 5th September to 20th December 2019 but the booking must be confirmed and paid for by end of September 2019)

Tansy is an exceptional coach. Over a few short months, she really helped me to transform aspects of my life and how I see myself. She’s done wonders for my confidence and my outlook. The walk and talk sessions she offers are great - I loved combining movement and nature along with the coaching. She’s gentle, yet firm and will definitely hold you accountable. If you’re looking to work on any aspect of your life I would highly recommend her.
— Vicki W - Tonbridge



Questionnaire and plan sent out ahead of the day to get clear on focus and intentions so we hit the ground ‘walking’

9:45am - Meet to ensure prompt start (for those coming by train, I can collect you from local station)

10am – We set off on an uplifting nature walk and talk to review, release and reset.

12:30pm – Lunch and Intention setting at The Energy Shed

2:30pm – Reflect, replenish, reconnect

4pm – Finish

(additional refreshments and snacks included while walking)


6 hours of coaching and well-being support with pre-questionnaire and follow up plan with additional resources.

introductory price £290 (up to end of 2019) £375 THEREAFTER


  • Mid-week or Saturday bookings are possible (subject to availability)

  • Train to Edenbridge from London Bridge is 45 mins

  • This program can be carried out at a location closer to you. Additional travel costs may apply and location would have to be checked to ensure suitability.

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or pay pal.

  • Bookings must be made at least a week in advance to allow you time to fill out the pre-questionnaire and allow time for mental preparation to get the best from your day.