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 3 Month Program


Discover the power of walking and talking. Let me walk beside you as you connect to Nature and the wisdom and intelligence that resides within your body.


Let your journey begin…

If you’re reading this it’s because you want to take a stand in your life and step out in the direction that lights you up.

You’ve been playing in the shadows for a while now. Life’s many responsibilities have weighed you down, and you’re feeling suffocated by the amount of hats you are expected to wear. So many that you’ve forgotten the hat you wear that is solely for you. The one you used to wear a lot but got pushed to the back of the wardrobe while all the others claimed their priority over you.

This program is about uncovering who you are so that you can become your fullest expression. I wont lie, this journey can be emotional and scary at times as it urges you to face your truths and be bold about the life you want. It is a therapeutic process that harnesses the mind body connection and the healing power of nature. You get to examine where and who you are now and where you want to shift that perspective and reality to. Ultimately this process is future focused. It is an exciting journey of discovery that opens doors to your inner self and doors of opportunity in your external world.

Its time to stop working everything out in your head and combine the power of walking with your intentions. Your body holds a treasure chest of intelligence. When you use movement and mindfulness during the thought process you are accessing a whole new level of perspective and wisdom.

As your coach, I walk beside you and support you on your journey. Taking physical steps with you as you move through this powerful time of transformation. I believe that all the answers you are seeking lie within you and I am there to guide, challenge and encourage you so that these answers come to light and make themselves known to you. With my experience in Nature connection I infuse the sessions with mindfulness exercises that help to free your mind and connect you to a beautiful source of energy. An energy that provides inspiration, motivation and a wonderful sense of awe and gratitude for something much bigger than ourselves.

Its time to reclaim your life path and enjoy the journey. Let me walk by your side and on your side.



  • You are in flow. The body is awakened and your energy which generates your thoughts flows more freely.

  • Walking integrates left & right brain hemisphere function which improves learning and understanding

  • You can access a deeper level of creativity, intuition and compassion.

  • You get a wider perspective. Wide open spaces allow for more expansive thinking.

  • There is a wonderful symbolism of being in motion as you are move forwards with your life

  • I walk alongside you, supporting your journey

  • You get the multitude of health benefits of being surrounded by Nature.

  • Nature reminds you of your true selves and supports you to re-connect

skype/phone coaching

For those unable to book in ‘walk and talk’ sessions I am available for skype/phone sessions



I always offer a 30 minute discovery call free of charge.


  • 6 x 1.5 hour walking sessions at an agreed location*

  • Fee can be paid in full or in 3 monthly installments

  • Regular email support and valuable resources to continue working on yourself in between sessions.

  • On the spot coaching calls about anything between session - a maximum of 10 minutes

  • Literature and inspiration that will support each stage of your journey.

    *Should you wish me to travel to a location close to you for walk and talk sessions then additional travel costs may apply. The cost above includes all locations in a 10 mile radius from my home.

I really didn’t know what to do next, life was overwhelming, decisions impossible, tears just flowed...
Tansy not only guided me around the beautiful woods of Chartwell she guided me on an amazing journey, giving me tools and helping me focus on the important things, I have started to discover my true self.
I am so happy...I couldn’t say that before.
— Michelle J Surrey