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 People Walking

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Come walk with me…

In my years of walking with people as an outdoor life coach and mindfulness teacher, I have discovered the immense power behind this activity, and the incredible mental and physical health benefits it provides. Walking side by side with someone or in a group ignites a feeling of togetherness and support. When used as a tool for personal expansion it allows you to connect mind with body and access a deeper level of creative and intuitive energy. Stepping outside you naturally take deeper breaths and have a wider perspective. You are embodying the journey to reach the brightest version of yourself.

See below how I can walk with you.


One-to-one People Walking

Three month program

You’re on a journey and you want someone by your side and on your side. You’ve lost sight of yourself lately. It feels overwhelming and you crave some time to focus on, and rediscover yourself again. This coaching program is all about finding yourself again and reigniting that light within you that opens doors to exciting new possibilities.

One day immersive

***LAUNCHING SEPTEMBER 2019*** One day or day one? You decide. This one day immersive program is for those seeking a day out to get clear, think creatively, find inspiration and motivation and implement some self care as you immerse yourself in nature. This is an opportunity to invest some much needed time and energy into YOU.


Group People Walking

Events and Retreats

I will never tire of the wonderful collective energy created during my nature connection events. From Mindfulness walks, Forest Bathing Events, Camping Retreats and Family Wellness walks, the core is always the same. Connecting you back to Mother Earth and to yourself whilst sharing in the uplifting connection of the group.

Bespoke Mind Spa Days

Would you like an alternative experience to the usual spa day? Then a Mind Spa Day could be just the thing for you. These Bespoke wellness events are offered as a one to one experience or for up to 4 women to share and create special memories and deepen the sisterhood between you.