Tansy is an exceptional coach. Over a few short months, she really helped me to transform aspects of my life and how I see myself. She’s done wonders for my confidence and my outlook. The walk and talk sessions she offers are great - I loved combining movement and nature along with the coaching. She’s gentle, yet firm and will definitely hold you accountable. If you’re looking to work on any aspect of your life I would highly recommend her.
— Vicki W - Tonbridge
I enjoyed a forest bathing workshop with Tansy in a stunning ancient woodland near Edenbridge. It was such a special morning, savouring the delights of nature and learning all about natures incredible healing benefits. Tansy was a warm, wise and inspired facilitator, who I would highly recommend to anyone. Will definitely return to another of her classes. x
— Emma T - Crowborough
Tansy provided a very supportive and creative environment for the Vision Board workshop.
The location, the ambience and her facilitation created a very inspiring space in which to reflect, to meditate, and to explore our visions for what we want to bring forth in our life and
work. Making my vision board was both a creative and meditative experience and I very
much appreciated Tansy’s guidance and coaching. The group
interaction also made for a wonderful day! Thank you, Tansy, for your excellent Vision Board workshop!
— J. O'Brien
Tansy has a wonderful uplifting energy. A truely spiritual day of relaxing with focus and meeting and spending time with like minded people.
Amazing food too!
Lots of love and laughter!
I choose to shine!!
Love, light and peace
— Melanie M - Essex
I arrived tightly wound and left feeling content and energised. Lots of things to think about and aims to achieve. A thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you.
— Megan S - Essex

Such a lovely, friendly, warming atmosphere. Left feeling energised and clear and more in touch with who I am. The world feels like a better place again.
— Rebecca D - Sussex

Because of Tansy’s sessions I began to believe in myself which made me feel more confident and has inspired me to be more proactive. I have learned personal things about myself and feel the sessions made me think about my life as a whole
— Gillian G - Herts

I had no idea how life changing and affirming the Coaching Sessions with Tansy were going to be when I started. Tansy was able to help me identify the areas in my life that I wanted to focus on and gave me some really excellent tools and techniques to find a better life and work balance and to set life goals with real structure behind them. Tansy is able to help you find your core values and beliefs and to apply them to finding out where exactly in your life you need to focus. Her warm personality and personalised method of working with a client means that you come away from each session with a clear sense of the next stage in your journey and a genuine way to attain goals in life.
— Annie F - Herts

I have found the coaching sessions with Tansy to be hugely beneficial. I undertook coaching when I felt my life (in certain areas) needed more direction and Tansy helped me to achieve specific goals which were quite simply life-changing at the time. Tansy was a patient, pro-active,t hought-provoking coach. I enjoyed my time with her as I set new goals, assessed where I was going as a person and visualised where I wanted to be. I would like to thank Tansy for her time, direction and warmth and highly recommend her
— Corinne B - Surrey

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— Damian, Mexico

Since coaching I have found that I am much more analytical about my way of thinking. I have much clearer goals and am able to think things through in a way that is much more helpful and productive. Tansy asks great questions that have made me view my world differently and helped me find the direction I want to go in and now not only do I find myself asking myself those kind of questions but I do it to my friends too! I am very excited about the next stage of my life and I feel that I am ready to overcome any challenges that come my way. Thank you for all your help and support!
— Beth R - Berkshire