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The Mind Spa


A Unique Experience

The idea of The Mind Spa came about when I took myself off on a luxurious spa break. It was a treat given to me for my birthday and something I rarely have the opportunity to do. I did all the usual things that happen at spas; had a massage, swim, read my book and had a gorgeous uninterrupted sleep. It was wonderful and a real treat for me but I was still finding it hard to switch my mind off and found myself thinking and reflecting quite deeply on my work, family, health etc. The cogs kept spinning and I kept scribbling lots of notes down. I suddenly craved something that would focus my mind, yet relax it at the same time such as a meditation class, some energy work or an energising walk to release the energy from my analytical mind.

Then I had the idea... how amazing to have a spa-like treatment that helps to invigorate body, soul AND mind.

The Mind Spa was born…

‘This powerful breakthrough treatment is for those wishing to delve deeper into self care and well-being and want to give their minds a turn at being pampered, whilst still energising body and soul. This unique 2 hour treatment includes a combination of meditation, energy healing, life coaching, essential oils and nature therapy’

the Treatment

  • You will be greeted at my studio with a refreshment to begin a 15 minute consultation on health, lifestyle and current emotions and uncover where the mind is focused.

  • You will then take a moment to connect in with an essential oil that will be used during the session both aromatically and topically if appropriate.

  • A 10 minute guided and supportive meditation will allow you to step into the present moment and begin to calm the mind.

  • We will then step out into the countryside for a 45 minute energising ‘walk and talk’ session where you will have the opportunity to talk through a life area of your choice. As a qualified Life coach I will listen and ask exploratory questions to help you work through the topic in a more focused and productive way. Walking and talking is proven as a great technique to de-clutter the mind as you get out of your head space and more into your body. Thoughts can flow more freely as the blood pumps around the body faster promoting creative thinking, deeper breathing and a sense that you and your ideas are already in motion. Being surrounded by nature is also incredibly beneficial for your health and well-being and I incorporate mindfulness exercises along the way that encourage you to remain in the present moment.

  • Returning back to my studio you will have the opportunity to note down any ideas, reflections or inspirations that arose during the walk and perhaps set some intentions to take forward.

  • The treatment will then end with a wonderful 30 minute energy healing session to completely relax body, mind and soul. Focusing mainly on the Chakras and using my experience as a qualified Usui Reiki practitioner, this treatment both calms the mind whist awakening the bodies energy in a restorative and rejuvenating way.


What’s included?

  • Welcome refreshment and consultation

  • Essential oils

  • 10 min Guided Meditation exercise

  • 45 min Mindfulness walk and talk in nature

  • Reflective journaling time

  • 30 min Reiki Energy treatment.

See below left for a full description of treatment. Treatment can be extended to 2.5 hours to include a full 1 hour Reiki energy session.