Holistic Vision Board Workshop

Holistic Vision Board Workshop


When you think of 2019 what do you see?

Now let me rephrase that. When you think of 2019, what do you WANT to see?

To often in life we just put our heads down and plough on without really taking the time to think about and visualise the life we truly want and deserve. We have desires but so often they feel far away because we don’t truly connect to them and don’t allow ourselves to believe that we could achieve them.

When created and used in the right way, vision boards can be powerful transformational tools that help you connect on a deeper level to your dreams, goals and life desires. Just creating the board on a physical level is not enough, which is why I include meditation and visualisation within my workshop. This allows you to truly connect to your feelings and your ‘why’ using your intuition to guide you to create the vision you truly desire and not one that is born from comparison or others expectations.

In addition this year I am going to hold a COMPLIMENTARY mindfulness walk around the beautiful Limpsfield Common before the workshop, for those that want to get their creative and intuitive energy flowing!

Many people tell me they would love to create a vision board but never seem to find the time. If that is you then this workshop is for you. I take care of all the planning and the details and afterwards I’ll be heading to the pub for lunch and you are all welcome to join! All you need to do is turn up and allow yourself some creative ‘you time’ as you explore your passions and purpose, summon up your dreams and desires and have lots of creative fun in the process!

What to expect

·         An (optional) Mindfulness walk in Nature to awaken your energy and get some crisp fresh air before the workshop begins.

·         A day out to relax and day dream and get clarity on what you really want from your life journey.

·         An opportunity to discover more about yourself as I take you through some lovely deep dive visualisations and questioning.

·         Lots of laughter and inspiration as you share dreams and ambitions.

·         Turn dreams into powerful intentions as you commit them to paper and create accountability.

·         Express yourself creatively and reduce stress levels as you engage in this mindful activity

·         Increase your self awareness and self esteem as you become clear on who you are and what you want.

·         Tonnes of motivation to set you on the path to manifesting it all once you leave the workshop.

·         Lunch in the pub after to celebrate your awesome-ness! (optional again)

Framework of the workshop

·         9am – Mindfulness Walk (for those wishing to join me)
10am – Workshop starts.
Meditation / Visualisation / Deep Dive Questions
11:00am – Vision Board Creation
12:30pm – Share, inspire, motivate
1pm – Workshop to finish
1:30pm – Table will be booked at the Carpenters Arms, Limpsfield Chart for those that wish to join me (NOTE: This is an additional cost and is not included in the workshop fee)


Mindfulness Walk – FREE!

Vision Board Workshop - £40.00

Lunch – Subject to your order.


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